We are small business specialists.

We work with entrepreneurs who are ready to delegate their bookkeeping to an experienced professional.  Our team works to systemize your process, reduce your workload, and help shift your energy into propelling your business forward.  This is the foundation of being able to leverage your business to meet your goals.  Then we work with you on a regular basis to show you were you are at and help plan for where you want to be.  



What software do you use?  

We understand there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to software.  Every business has different needs.  We primarily work in QBO or Xero as a central hub for all things accounting and then integrate specialized software that meets the needs of each unique business.  For our larger restaurant clients we recommend Restaurant365.  And for smaller clients with very basic needs we work in Wave Accounting.  We do not work in desktop software anymore, but we can help you migrate to a cloud based solution.

Do I need to sign up for QBO or Xero before we begin working together?

No.  We’d like to chat and make sure your software package is the best fit.  We will sign you up as part of a full package of services included in your pricing.  If you already have a subscription that is fine. 

Why should I hire a service instead of an employee?

Good question.  By hiring a service you have just unburdened yourself from managing an employee and have taken the next step in your business by partnering with a highly skilled professional who combines the role of worker bee with advisor.  We look at what you have going on and tell you what needs to be done and then we take care of it. You don’t have to write the job description or know anything about bookkeeping, we educate and advise you in best practices and compliance.