We offer complete payroll services to meet all your needs through our partnership with Gusto.  From simple needs to complex, from single owner to a full staff with benefits.  While we can do manual payroll and tax filings we have found this option to be time consuming and antiquated, usually costing the client more in labor than using a service.  We can put our time to better use for you by automating most payroll processes and integrating time sheets and scheduling if appropriate.

Gusto has complete payroll solutions as well as some fun options like online employee on-boarding, online company handbooks, and your employees can make monthly nonprofit donations with no hassle to you!  Check out all Gusto has to offer at their website by clicking the link below, but if you want your payroll package through us we will do the set up for you, so don’t sign up yet!

Click here to check out Gusto

Why hire a firm to handle payroll if they are just using Gusto?  By having us do your payroll you have a payroll specialist available to do the data entry, meet processing deadlines, make sure you are compliant with employment laws, and answer any questions you may have regarding qualified use of sick time, PTO, etc…  Yes, you can enter your employees hours into Gusto, manage their payroll questions, and reset employee logins…  but do you want to?

For clients wanting to have a better understanding of where their money is going we specialize in providing labor cost reporting, employee profitability analysis, commission/bonus calculations, and many other reports.

If you are already happy with your current payroll provider we can manage and provide oversight in most payroll platforms.  We have experience in Quickbooks Online Payroll, IOP, Sure Payroll, Toast payroll, Paychex, and APD.