Software and Apps

We have combined experience with many different bookkeeping and payroll programs. We do not limit ourselves to one software because software is simply the tool to complete the task of bookkeeping.  All bookkeeping software is achieving the same goal –to track your income and expense.  Because we understand the fundamentals of accounting and the rules of GAAP we can work with just about anything.  That said, we will also tell you if there is a better fit for your business and can explain how the different choices can impact how you do business.  However, we are no longer working with desktop software, but we can help you migrate to cloud services.

Let’s face facts — we live in the age of technology!  The bookkeeping industry is in the midst of a shift from old-school paper ways to living in the digital world.  Our office has embraced digital technology and the cloud.  We offer our bookkeeping services built on the best fit ‘tech stack’ for your business.  Let us help you save time and money by moving your bookkeeping into the cloud with integrated apps.  We are not IT professionals but we work with several integrations on a daily basis such as Paypal, Receipt Bank, AutoEntry, Stripe, Square, many different Point Of Sales systems, and integrated payroll solutions.