Our Team

We are a dedicated team who love doing the work most people dread — Bookkeeping!

We are small business specialists.

Emily Marston

Managing Director, Quickbooks Pro Advisor, Gusto People Advisor Certified, Xero Collaborator, Bookkeeping & Payroll Specialist*

*specifically clean up/catch up and systems implementation

Emily started this business due to her love of bookkeeping and small business.  Working with business owners to get their bookkeeping in order and working for them is what drives her.  Having run a retail business for over 20 years and a bookkeeping business for almost as long, Emily understands all the pressures facing small business and all the hats the owners have to wear.  Most business owners don’t like or ‘get’ bookkeeping, and they shouldn’t have to.  The DIY mentality of most entrepreneurs can distract them from putting their energy and expertise where it should be.  “Freeing up people to do what they do best is the goal.”

Emily is a lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest, mother of two amazing boys, and spends down time gardening or snuggled up in a blanket reading or watching movies with a giant bowl of popcorn.

Founder of Film Is Truth 24 Times A Second

Emily has served on the board of directors for The Whatcom Film Association, Excellence Northwest, and Film Is Truth A Nonprofit Corporation.

Jessica Conner

Bookkeeping & Payroll Specialist, eCommerce & Integration Specialist, Restaurant Bookkeeping Specialist, Service Industries (massage, physical therapy, etc.), Craft and Cottage Industry Specialist.

Jessica understands the complexities involved in bringing client data together into a tidy financial picture. She regularly integrates sales technology with accounting technology to make everything fit perfectly.  A born puzzle solver, Jessica brings these skills to the field of bookkeeping to help clients streamline their processes providing the best fit solution.

Outside of work Jessica enjoys games with her family, pinball at local arcades, and solving puzzles.  

Jessica is a certified Quickbooks Pro Advisor with certifications in Payroll and Accounting from WCC, and placed second with her team in the WWU Great Puzzle Hunt 2021 Alumni Division.

Lucy Bolton


Lucy loves to get things tidied for clients – like Marie Kondo for bookkeeping! It’s so satisfying to bring clarity and function to the financial side of the clients’ businesses. She especially enjoys problem-solving and developing efficient and fail-proof systems to keep them on-track. Lucy uses her keen observation skills, attention to detail, and love for order to bring confidence and calm to her clients. She’s held accounting roles across various industries including screen-printing, construction, medical, and music licensing!

Like her work experience, her personal interests are also wide. Lucy enjoys a good challenge (escape room, anyone?), micro tourism, live and recorded music, and planning dates! She is also passionate about sustainable living, spiritual practices, and creative expression though virtually all mediums. 

Erin Nelson

Bookkeeping Projects & Payroll Specialist, Construction and Trades Specialist, Restaurant Bookkeeping Specialist

Erin specializes in working one-on-one with small business owners to get their bookkeeping compliant and in order.  She approaches bookkeeping projects with a no-nonsense attitude “it is what it is” and brings a genuine understanding of the “real world” of bookkeeping along with a great sense of humor.  

Erin received her bookkeeping certification from WCC and uses her 10+ years of bookkeeping experience to help her clients stay compliant and focus on growing their businesses.

Andrea Laura-Graham

Accounting Assistant

Andrea is inspired to take the stress of bookkeeping away from business owners so they can use their energy elsewhere. She truly enjoys organization and being the behind the scenes support for others to thrive. Andrea believes the most fun part of bookkeeping is problem solving, the continued learning, and gained proficiency that ensues. Andrea likes to balance time in the office with getting outside as much as possible. She loves the sun, rock climbing, and avocados.

TJ Smith

Accountant/Lead Bookkeeper

For TJ, the most rewarding aspect of bookkeeping is being able to create value for clients so that they can focus on what it is that they do best.  Whether that be through cash flow management, streamlining processes, or providing insight into what their financials are actually speaking to them, that is what he strives to do in his role. With a love for puzzles, TJ enjoys being a problem solver.  Each set of books is an interwoven synopsis of a business’s activities, and conceptualizing that activity into useful, valuable reporting that serves to enhance a client’s business is solving a puzzle or creating a solution(s) for various pain points or areas of need for a client. His pride, passion and motivation are twofold.  The internal source to continuously get better at his chosen craft and be the best version of himself.  In his words, “better today than I was yesterday, and better tomorrow than I am today”.  The external source is to do the most effective job that he can of providing value to our clients in the capacity that they have chosen to entrust us to do for them.

When not working, TJ is a passionate sports fan.  He enjoys playing golf and basketball, watching sports, cinema, and reading (typically philosophy or things about quantum physics and the universe.  Since he was an ankle biter, TJ has been passionate about his Golf game for 3 decades, but more than anything, TJ is passionate about his son, Graham and is most proud of completing his MBA after becoming a father.

Lindsey McCoy

Administrative Manager

Lindsey specializes in administrative work – deadlines & spreadsheets? Sign her up! She enjoys keeping tasks on track with her organizational skills and making sure all EJM Bookkeeping systems are kept up-to-date. To say she genuinely enjoys administrative work is an understatement. Her experience in administrative positions spans from the Y.M.C.A., to a commercial cleaning company, and now EJM Bookkeeping.

Lindsey enjoys spending time with her animals (Trip, BamBam, Cheddar, & Jax), creating art, getting coffee with friends, traveling, and re-organizing her house any chance she gets. Oh, and she’s an admitted true crime junkie – listening to podcasts and watching true crime shows on television.

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