About EJM Bookkeeping

Who are we?

We are a tech-forward bookkeeping practice helping small business clients understand the value of timely and accurate bookkeeping so we can support them in achieving their goals. We implement a modern approach to bookkeeping using cloud based software and third party integrations to automate basic data entry. We focus on industry standard best practices to provide excellent bookkeeping, compliance, and advisory services. We do not provide year-end tax returns or tax planning, but pride ourselves in supplying tax ready books to our clients CPA’s.

Core Values


We look out for our clients anticipating their needs, we initiate communication to keep clients on track, and look several steps ahead to avoid last minute problems


We share what we do, how we do it, and help clients to understand their responsibilities to keep work current and compliant


We work together to support each other, share knowledge, and meet the demands of the bigger picture both with clients and the company


We take ownership of our work, our relationships with clients, and the success of the company as a whole


A small firm of highly motivated accountants and bookkeepers working together to support our small business community and each other to have jobs we love. A good balance of passion, hard work, and flexibility for family and life.


We help business owners achieve more by providing reliable financial data through streamlined processes, automation, and our expertise in accounting processes.

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